Thursday, November 11, 2010


ST. LOUIS (November 10th, 2010) – Rockafellaz Entertainment, formerly in partnership with Flava Works, would like to first announce our relocation to St. Louis, MO., which is also the hometown of CEO Rock Rockafella. This move offers Rockafellaz and you the fans a chance to experience fresh and new talent along with the change of scenery.

Rockafellaz Entertainment will now be the primary distributor for its DVD line, which includes the Raw Dickin It series and Rockafellaz series. We are no longer affiliated or connected with the Raw Rod DVD line or the website.

Rockafellaz Entertainment will be the main source of contact if outside distributors, as well as, our current distributors are interested in the purchase of our DVD titles and products. Rockafellaz plans to continue to operate in the industry and provide the same level of quality movies and DVDs as before. The Raw Dickin It and Rockafellaz series will continue to be produced along with other new titles.

Rock, CEO of Rockafellaz Entertainment stated, “I have been in the adult film industry for many years and I am very goal oriented.  I love doing what I do and that is producing hot porn for my fans. I will continue doing just that. This is a big and important move for our company, myself and all of our supporters. All I ask is that during this transition, all of my customers and supporters have patience with us and keep a watchful eye for bigger things to come.”

In addition to the changes in DVD distribution there will also be major changes to the website, which is currently being redesigned. The well need changes for the website will be something that the members will definite appreciate. 

You can follow Rock himself on Twitter: Rockafellaz

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