Friday, November 12, 2010

Jesse McCartney - Have It All

Jesse McCartney was set to release his new album, Have It All in January of next year, but the release dat has now been pushed up. The album is now set to be released on December 28th and will include 11 tracks along with the 1st single, "Shake." Writers and producers on the album with include Sean Garrett, Rudolf and "a bunch of new guys from Dr. Luke's camp" such as Ammo and J. Cash. Besides working on his own album, Jesse has also been in the studio writing songs for other artists. "I've been writing for a lot of big artists in the last couple months, and it's everything that you dream of as an artist... to be taken seriously as a writer, not just as a singer." Some of the artists Jesse has co-written for in the past include Leona Lewis ("Bleeding Love"), Toni Braxton ("The Wave"), and Jordin Sparks.


1. Shake
2. One Night
3. The Writer
4. Club Hop
5. I Think She Likes Me
6. Tonight Is Your Night
7. I Don't Normally Do This (feat. Tyga)
8. Undo
9. Have It All
10. Mrs. Mistake
11. Seasons (My Love Will Never Change)

The first single for the album is "Shake" which the video for has been shot.  If this album is anything like his last I'm on board and will be purchasing a copy.  Psyched for Jesse! 

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